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Invertebrate Department
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Dr. Ignac Sivec
Scientific worker

Dr. Ignac Sivec Slovenian Museum of Natural History
Invertebrate Department
Prešernova 20, POBox 290, SI-1001 Ljubljana
Phone: (+386 1) 241 09 50, 241 09 40
Fax: (+386 1) 241 09 53

Born: 4 June 1947 in Celje, Slovenia. Education: 1990, Ph.D. Entomology. University in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Disertation thesis: Taxonomic, zoogeographic and phylogenetic generic relationships within subfamily Perlinae (Insecta: Plecoptera) of the World.
1973, B.A. Biology. University in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Graduation thesis: One year light trapping of insects in Ljubljana.
Professional Experience: 1973 - 1979: Biological department of Bitechnical Faculty, Ljubljana - assistent for invertebrate zoology.
1979 - 1982: Slovenian Museum of Natural History - Curator of Entomology.
1982 - 1992: Slovenian Museum of Natural History - Director.
1992 - 2002: Vicedirector.
Professional Interests: Taxonomy, faunistic, zoogeography and phylogeny of Plecoptera (Insecta), Mycetophilidae and Sciaridae (Diptera, Insecta) from Palaearctic and Oriental region. Interested for any stonefly material from Oriental region or South East Europe, possibility of determination. Evaluation of human impact on aquatic insects habitat.
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Member of editorial board of Journals: Scopolia, Acta entomologica slovenica and Exuviae.
Member of Standing committee for the International Symposia on Plecoptera.