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Ignac Sivec
Bill P. Stark
R. Edward DeWalt

Managing editor
Tomi Trilar

Advisory Board
B. Kondratieff
S. Szczytko
K. Stewart
R. Baumann
R. Nelson
W. Graf
J. Brittain
T. Shimizu
C. Froehlich
C. Nelson
P. P. Harper
J. B. Sandberg

Journal Formatting
Mia Sivec
Mojmir Stangelj

ISSN 1855-5810
(Print Edition)
ISSN 1854-0392
(Online Edition)

  • Publishes papers in all aspects of the biology of Plecoptera.

  • An international on-line, and printed journal published by Mississippi College, the Slovenian Museum of Natural History and Illinois Natural History Survey.

  • Freely available to individuals and institutions on the world wide web. No login or subscription is needed.

  • Provides an alternative to excessively priced scientific journals (enabling larger papers, inclusion of color figures and large data sets).

  • The journal of choice for the publication of high-quality, rigorously refereed papers.

  • All papers in .pdf format are separate (units) numbers within the volume of one year that will be produced also in cd-rom and at least 5 paper copies will be distributed to several important libraries.

  • According to the amendment to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (Article 8), papers of Illiesia are registered in ZOOBANK and deposited in the electronic archive CLOCKSS.