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Female on Vaccinium myrtillus. Dragomer, Debeli hrib, April 2004.


Andrena lapponica Zetterstedt, 1838



Boreo-montane species. Distributed in the Alpine, pre-Alpine and Dinaric regions of Slovenia.

Oligolectic, specialized on Vaccinium (Ericaceae), with the exception of the population on Mt. Snežnik in the Dinaric mountains, which is polylectic.

Nests in burrows in the ground, excavated by itself.

Univoltine. Flies from April to June.


Female on Salix. Snežnik, 1700 m, June 2008. This isolated population at the southern edge of the species distribution is polylectic, not specialized on Vaccinium.


Female on Helianthemum. Snežnik, 1780 m, June 2010.


Razširjenost vrste v Sloveniji.



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Andrej Gogala: Bee fauna of Slovenia